We are an approved vendor for both photography and videography at the United States Naval Academy.

Let me take some of your time to tell you about myself and my staff. We try to offer the most premier product on the market and we have tons of samples to show our clients. Immediately, people notice the difference. We try to give our clients that Mercedes-Benz experience all the way no matter what the budget allows. Again, this is yet another way we create a level of separation between our competitors and us. One essential facet of my approach to weddings is something many photographers who really enjoy their work can identify with – having fun. While ensuring that my images capture the essence of the wedding, and also making sure the entire experience is fun for all people involved. I focus a lot on making sure my clients and I communicate very well. I have found that if I establish a friendship with my clients they are much more relaxed, and so am I. A team approach is also an important aspect of my modus operandi, and I usually have a second shooter at weddings. Not only does this cover all the bases, it also promotes creativity with my team. We work as a team but separately, so that we have a large variety of pictures to choose from. I love being able to learn from and be inspired by my second shooters. Sometimes they think of angles or poses that I’ve overlooked, and constantly learning from each other is one of the things we do best. Natural lighting is the foundation for much of my success. In order to get the best lighting for each situation, I find where the light is coming first, then I place the subject in the light and take the picture. I believe especially at weddings, a photographer’s purpose is not simply to document, but to create art. When I am behind the camera I am creating art, not just taking pictures of an occasion. My style has evolved from fundamentally photojournalistic to one that incorporates varying approaches, depending on the situation. When the bridal party is getting ready, during the ceremony and at the reception, I use a photojournalistic style. I want them to do about their business and forget I am there. However, for the group and portrait sessions I use a more contemporary style. I want those pictures to be modern and fun. I will make sure I get some very classic shots – the ones that bride will want 20 years from now – buy I also want to get funky angles and interesting lighting. I also strive to incorporate detailed images of the location and settings, so the client will not only have memories of the event, but also of the location. I look for little details at the location and then try to incorporate them as much as possible in my pictures. These additions allow people to feel like they are really there when they view the images. During my career I have garnered praise and appreciation from my clients, and that has translated into the most valuable of all forms of advertising – word of mouth from happy customers.

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